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One of the colleges at which I teach is on break this week. This is exactly what I needed. In fact, did some writing this morning and chilled out during the afternoon by catching up on long neglected Netflix flicks and watching the snow.

Or rather I thought I was chilling out -- but I just finished watching Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room, which was probably not the best choice, granted, and am now filled with a white-hot rage. What the heck is wrong with people?

So while I toddle off and mutter obscenities to myself, a much more pleasant link for your reading pleasure: my latest column for Austinmama. This one is about princesses and love.


I watched the Enron documentary a couple of months ago and oh, I remember that white-hot rage. Then I watched all the extras on the DVD and got (if possible) even angrier. So much smugness and greed and Teflon-like blame avoidance.

I loved that piece. So cute. Well said.

What's wrong with people? A lot of them are finding ways to justify cheating. Next time you need a blast of white hot rage, see David Callahan's book "Cheating Culture" http://www.cheatingculture.com . The truly frightening thing is how pervasive the cheating thing is these days.

Melanie -- not only did I watch the extras, I also looked up the Houston Chron's continuing coverage (www.chron.com/enron). White. Hot. Rage. Seriously (and I know this makes me a very bad person), if Ken Lay could die again, this time in a more lingering sort of way, that'd be swell.

Catherine -- thanks!

Trish -- I think some of them did justify cheating -- but there were a lot of other things that fed into the whole mess. Usually, the system of checks works. Here, it didn't. A lot of that is, yes, from rationalized corruption. There was also, however, just an inability to believe that what was happening actually was happening.

See, when Ken Lay died it was...too convenient for me (and I am not typically patient with conspiracy theories or their proponents). I would be unsurprised to discover that he's alive, well, and living it up somewhere.

I can't tell if that's a reasonable reaction or engendered by my desire to see karma come and stomp him hard--which is tricky to pull off if the intended recipient is, in fact, already dead.

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