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she knows my pain

I know -- two posts in one day. This one, however, is mostly for the Italians that I'm related to. Anyone can read it, of course, but the Italians will immediately understand.

Kim Severson's story in today's New York Times about tracking down her mother's sauce recipe is one of the stories of my cooking life. I have been trying for years -- and have used a lot of the same techniques that Severson used -- to duplicate Grandmother F's sauce. There has been no joy. So little joy, in fact, that I have just given up.

(And, yes, I do know that Mama Lane's sauce was even better than my G'mother's but I was too young to really have any memory of it.)

But Severson gives me hope, so much hope that I now have new plans for this coming weekend. And these plans involve pork bones and crushed tomatoes.


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