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Look! I finished some stuff! Go me!


Nantucket back! (Yes, my plan is to use all exclamation points because am am that excited!)

Look at how gorgeous the photo is!


Cable-y goodness! ( I now have a macro setting but am still working it all out.)


The "Winter Pot Sampler." I'm free at last! Well, free until I decide to do the rest of the seasons...

Here endeth today's Crafty Corner.

More pictures, tho:


Mooch, who would like you to pay no attention to what he's doing in the yard. Nothing to see. Move along. These aren't the cats you're looking for.


The Goober, last night.

A couple of links, then I really need to work:

Two things I miss about southern Appalachia: moonshine and awesome nicknames.

Amy singer went to my favorite yarn shop ever. One of these days, I'm going to stay at the Hotel San Jose. Just 'cos. Oh -- and Austin will always be one of my favorite places on the planet, contrary to what you might have read. But you have to admit that the summers are long and miserable.


The knitting is lovely--and such a gorgeous color!

That Nantucket jacket is looking absolutely drop-dead gorgeous. Can't wait to see if in its final form--to this point I've only seen one other in the wild.

You know, I see Winter Pot Sampler....and I don't think beautiful embroidery. I think of, oh, how shall we phrase this, recreational greenery? That, too, is beautiful, btw.

Thanks for the compliments on the knitting. It is surprisingly easy pattern to memorize and works up fairly quickly. I haven't seen one in the wild, yet. Where did you see yours, Melanie?

And, um, yeah, I'm with you on the "Winter Pot Sampler." You'd be surprised what you come up with if you google it...

It is gorgeous. I keep thinking about that pattern.....

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