shameless self-promotion, number 271 in a series

where whales live

Doula K called last night to alert me to this NPR essay about living in the same neighborhood with overgrown children. Ed Cullen and I take the same approach to talking to the kids about too much noise. There's nothing like the sight of their little bloodshot eyes at 9 a.m.

The following caption is an inside joke that only a few folk will get. Sorry about that -- but there are some nice shots from Scott and Maddy's whale watching adventure  off the coast of Cape Cod...

Hey matthew --


Whales live here.






It's funny you should say that because another line from that era -- er, day -- has been going thru my head: "Shut up, CJ. I'm saving your life." (Been thinking of calling CJ to do some job networking.)

Hey Matthew. Are you ever going to blog again?

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