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Best laid something or other

I should know how these things work by now. Painting the kitchen should take a week, at most. And, lo, I am now on day 10. By the looks of things, I'm only 60 percent done. Feh, I say, and feh again.

None of this would be so bad, mind, if I didn't have about 9000 other things to do.

So some short bits:

Lisa Horstman, who was the art director for Metro Pulse when I worked there (and who rocks), sent this to me: a designer's ten things to keep in mind about design and life.

The four types of grandparents. (Note to my kids' actual grandparents: nothing is implied by this.)

The NYT dining section on NYC gluten-free restaurants. Nice to see that Celiac is hitting the big time, for relatively broad definitions of nice. It would be nicer still if it didn't exist.

Finally, still one of my favorite poems ever: The Book of my Enemy has been Remaindered.



I'm hanging around at the Amtrak station in Albany. Painting kitchens almost sounds fun right now. :)

NYC? How about the 'burgh!

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