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My Featureless Saint's woods (the 3 and the 5) now have covers:


I'm not entirely happy with how they've turned out. There are some fit issues and I'm crap at duplicate stitch. My original plan was to be all clever and stitch in a "3" and a "5." Turns out that is more than I can handle. Instead, I did three almost straight lines on one and five dots on the other.


But for a project I made up on the fly, I'm pleased that they work at all. Consider them socks for very oddly shaped feet.

The deets: leftover Heirloom 8 yarn, size 7 needles. In theory, they are washable.

For what it's worth, I'm still not certain *why* clubs need covers.

The next project has already been cast-on. Can you guess it?


It'll be my new vegging in front of the telly knitting, because there will be miles and miles of just the knit stitch.


No, it's not for Mooch.

Gratuitous daylily:



Mooch's front legs look strangely skinny in that photo. Or are they just skinny in comparison to his butt?

They are just skinny in comparison to his butt. He has that sleekness of limbs and tail that you'd expect from a Siamese; he has the largeness of everything else that you'd expect from Jabba the Hutt.

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