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First, something pleasant:


Yet another daylily. Aw.

Now, something unpleasant:


One corner of my kitchen. Note pink tile. Note wallpaper. I can handle one of them. Both together makes me nutty. Since tile is harder to deal with -- especially since it's that stupid plastic tile -- I'm painting the walls. Three walls will be a light yellow, which is more a white with just a little yellow in it.


These cabinets will be a more vibrant yellow and get new hardware. The counter and backsplash will remain the same. Not by choice but by budgetary constraint.

It was going as well as can be expected. I attacked everything with degreaser since it hadn't really been cleaned since the Carter administration. That alone was a huge improvement. I painted the ceiling -- hate, hate, hate painting ceilings -- white. The wallpaper seemed to be in good enough shape to prime, then paint. Only, as I just discovered, it's not. I'm holding out judgment until everything dries but it looks like there will be some stripping in my future. Grrrrr. Stupid house. Stupid kitchen. Stupid walls. Why can it never be easy?

At least I didn't get stung by a wasp, which is what happen to the Hub yesterday while he was putting up new gutters. So there's that.

Must go look at pretty flowers, while I hop around in a circle of much irritation.


If it's just a matter of the paint adhering to the wallpaper, maybe sanding it would help?

But if the darn stuff is coming off, then, yeah, I'd say you're in for some stripping (tee hee). I've got about half a bottle of "Dif" wallpaper remover, if you're interested.

What did you prime the wallpaper with? Have you tried BIN primer? We just used it to prime and seal our oil-based, lead-laden trim. It's super fumey -- don't go taking a ciggy break anywhere near it -- but it seems to cover and prep difficult surfaces well.

The description in the link doesn't mention wallpaper specifically, but "Whatever horrible paint or wallcovering may have been used before, you can make a new start with B-I-N." We used it a few years ago to cover knots in some of the cheap trim that was put up in our addition. They kept bleeding through the paint ... until there was BIN.

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