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Two quick links of a self-promotional nature --

Trout gets his moment of fame, which is 15 minutes in cat years.

A Babble piece about food allergies and food intolerances and food anxieties.


The Featureless Saint and I aren't the most romantic of couples. Hallmark would be absolutely appalled, in fact, as would the diamond industry.  We've actually failed to celebrate our anniversary twice because we'd forgotten about it. Some slack should be given, however, we had brand-new babies in both instances.

Today, 13 years ago, I walked down the aisle and said "I do." I didn't know then that there would be two kids, three moves, a ton of "for worse," a complete nervous breakdown and many, many moments of joy in the future.* At 23, you just can't imagine what's in store -- how good it will be at time and how absolutely shitty it can be at others. And yet, on the whole, it has been a wonderful ride, one that I hope goes on for 13 more years and the 13 beyond.

I love you, Scott.

*Some of  our union's longevity can be traced to the Mooch clause, which states that the person who instigates a divorce has to take Mooch. Every marriage should have a Mooch. Most fights can be ended with the phrase, "Yeah? Take Mooch with you when you go." Really lightens the mood.


The mooch clause is brilliant.

Happy anniversary!

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