lucky number 13
when life hands you ducks, make pie

quack, dammit.

Currently, I am hip deep in ducks who are trying to peck me to death. One of them is named "Kitchen;" one we call "Classes," one is "Deadlines" and one of the others we call "Lumpy." For no apparent reason.

So I shall deal with my damn ducks, because their little beaks are pointy and there are so many of them.

While I'm away, give a listen to Radio Lab, which is my new favorite podcast ever. Hat tip to the Pie Goddess for pointing it out.

Since we're talking about good things -- one Miss Charlotte (no middle name yet (but I'm pulling for "Determination")) Hickman was born to Katie Allison Granju this morning. Pixs are on daddy's blog. Congrats to all!


Now for the duckicide.


A recipe that works for me:

1. Take one baseball bat. (Could be wood, which is better for playing baseball with, but in this case aluminum is actually more practical, especially if you're working e.g. against a concrete backdrop.)

2. Pick one duck.

3. Murdalate. (Ignore other ducks during this step.)

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until no ducks remain.

Good luck! ;)

Glad you enjoyed Radio Lab. Did you see the new season starts in 2008? I'm not sure I can wait that long.

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