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So far, I am a fan of age two

How fast it goes, how fast. Just yesterday he was coming home. Now, the Dude is two.


The Dude in question is the boy in blue, btw.


In celebration of his birth*, we went to the Sterling Renaissance Festival, which was all that I had remembered and more. The Featureless Saint and I  last went when we were wee bairns and just dating -- because there is no better way to show just what kind of geek you are than to go to a Ren Faire. We think it might have been 1992.

Lots has changed, of course, but the spirit remains. I speak both of the Fest and of The Featureless Saint and I.

One change is above. One change desperately wanted to get her face painted:


'twas a fine way to spend a day, especially a day that is also your son's birthday. You can tell he partied hard, at least.


Happy Birthday, Goober.

* No, we didn't take him to the Faire in celebration of his birthday. A couple of other events lined up just right that there was an opportunity to seize.


Happy Birthday! :)

Barely Two was a fun stage.....Almost Three...well....whole other story.

What an adorable pose from the Diva! She's gonna be a moveee star!

Your children are beautiful!

Shucks-- and thanks for the compliment. Yes, they are beauts. It keeps us from killing them sometimes.

I'm enjoying Barley Two, if only because I remember well Almost Three. My hope is that it'll be different with a boy this time around. Gender aside -- I had no idea that two critters who have the same genes could be so very different. Weird, eh?

And the Diva already is a movie star. The rest of the world just hasn't caught on yet.

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