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The color is more true in the top photo, btw.

It's "Happy Halloween," which is a completely intuitive title, from Elizabeth's Designs. I'm using the spec'd Toasted Almond Belfast Linen and Needle Necessities floss and the cat charm. Lois at the Elegant Stitch totally hooked me up with all of that, because I don't live in an area known for its needlework shops.

The only bit that I had to track down was the DMC floss. It was almost my undoing because it required a trip to Wal-mart. I know. I hate it, too. But they are the only place within a 20 mile drive that carries the stuff.

Or, at least, they did until the very moment when I went to buy it. Stupid, stupid Wal-mart. And the clerk was about as helpful as, well, a clerk at Wal-mart.

The other store that I had some vague idea had once carried said floss* was closed for a long weekend. Patience is not one of my better virtues but since I refused to drive to Binghamton just for floss, I hadn't much choice.

In yarn news, it's time to start cranking out the red scarves again. I also can't decide if this granny square afghan is the answer to my granny square itch or if I'm just kidding myself. Either answer is valid.

I also have every intention of picking up my Nantucket again. I do. Now the tricky part will be figuring out where I left off.



* For locals, it's Country Fabrics, formerly of that weird strip mall out on Chestnut, now of the weird trailer out near Lowe's.


ok, maybe I'm a blithering idiot, but when I try and make granny squares, they get all bunched up on the sides, and won't straighten out. Drives me insane, because they are easy to make. Seeing that big granny square blanket like I've tried to make and failed at so many times makes me even more irritated. It's like not being able to make jello. Which I can't do either.


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