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Cute kid story. Skip at will.

One of the Dude's* favorite things to do is to sneak into the kitchen to eat cat food. Fortunately, the cats eat dry kibble so the Boy gets a crunchy treat rather than one that is more like pate.

This morning, Scott saw him walking out of the kitchen with something in his fist. He was also chewing on something.

"Are you eating cat food?" Scott asked, knowing full well what the answer was.

"No," the Boy said, showing Scott a fistful of - what else? - cat food. "Nuts!"

And so the Boy has developed both the ability to lie and to use his imagination. We are doomed.

* Just to give you a complete picture of his Gooberness, he's currently walking around** the living room with a paper towel draped over his head as if it were a very white and very floppy beret.

** His sister spent the better part of the evening wearing only one shoe and one sock. Why? No idea. But it gave her a very silly walk.


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