rat race


Cute kid story. Skip at will.

The Boy talks now. We've reached the stage where we understand him about half of the time and spend the other half of the time throwing words at him in futile attempts to figure out what he means. But there is one word that keeps coming up. It's halfway between "rabbit" and "ribbit." Whatever it is, it is something he is adamant about. The Saint and I haven't nailed down what the Boy means, but we do know who he reminds us of....


This made me laugh so hard that my son came to check on me from another room. So funny!

I have just one thing to say------
Meee Moan!!!!

I keep forgetting just how funny Friends was/is. If you really need a laugh, check out one of the blooper clips on YouTube. I think I hurt myself laughing.

And, Char, for what it's worth, we are fairly sure the Boy is either saying "rabbit" or "ribbit." It's not like the Mee Moans or maddy's Moo bar.

He talks, fantastic. Now it is time to teach him a few limerics.

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