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Some yarn-related items cluttering up the place.


You cannot resist the hand-dyed alpaca from All Things Heather in Russet.* I can't resist, at any rate. This will be a shawl for my Loopy Ewe swap partner, which I probably won't start until the Christmas knitting is done. Should the Christmas knitting ever be done.

Speaking of, the Christmas knitting consists mostly of square washcloths**:


When packaged with cool soap, these make great teacher gifts.

Given the confluence of a crappy cat week, impending finals (and holidays) and living with two kids, I can't free up enough brain space to start anything complex. So, more squares. These are for Miss Kay's Oliver blanket.


Currently, I have six to send, which I'll do this afternoon after I pick up the Diva. One of the six might be having some problems meeting the four-inch requirement but I'll send it along regardless. I won't, however, send along the two that are barely three inches per side, which happened because I forgot how geometry works. Um, twice.

And now for the lusting after the fibery pursuits of others:

My new moral imperative is to knit a Nisse! According to Theresa's response to my comment about how much I love her troll, the Alan Dart pattern might be available. Or not. Still, I might try winging it.

I covet Clara's new office space. I can only begin to describe how much I covet it. I have started eyeballing the barn in our backyard but am too much of a realist to glean much hope.


* Because I have no swift, I drafted my father to act as one over the long weekend. He, like all those I convince to perform swift-like duties, wondered why my husband started laughing when my dad agreed to sit there with his arms out. And as much as I love the alpaca and the lace-weight yarn, it is a bitch and a half to wind into something ball like. My dad required beer and victuals afterward.

** For those that care, the yarn is the delightfully squishy Patagonia Nature Cotton. I also am doing some in green.


Damn. Her new office space is nicer than my entire house. Also, I yearn for that many windows and bookcases.

Also also, that nisse is adorable--my parents had a bunch of christmas ornaments of little wooden/felt figures (some on sleds, some on swings)who looked just like him! I always thought they were dwarves, but now I see I was wrong...

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