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Having some problems with coherency today. So, a list. Of stuff. In no order.

* From Slate: Women get no respect, even when they do a great job. In other news, water still wet.

* Also from Slate: Carrie Brownstein, of the awesomely awesome Sleater-Kinney tries out Rock Band.

* Katha Pollitt, whose the literary and parenting voice that I didn't know I needed to hear until this morning, is interviewed by Ada Calhoun at Babble. (Hat tip to Katie.)

* ETA: Hillari Dowdle, who I knew in Knoxville appreciates her body, despite it not being perfect. She's on to something. And I didn't know Coury, my former boss, could be so wise.

* Sheep! Ones that light up! Ones that play with you!

* Not a sheep but I still love these lamps.

* City Mama lists some do-it-at-home mass produced holiday food gifts. This year, I think I'll be whipping up some of Alton Brown's Free Range Fruitcakes. I do need to start soon, tho, since they cure for a couple of weeks. Just need to figure out where to stash them so that kids or pets or mice don't find them. Hrm.

* Redneck Mother on weaning: "He was well past breastfeeding for sustenance, and the day he started blowing raspberries while nursing was the day I decided that his emotional needs were secondary to my personal dignity." I actually LOLd.

* Christopher Hitchens gets a Brazilian wax -- and gives folks a feel. Ah, to be a member (heh) of the NYC literary scene...


I was reading the Hitchens piece on the way home the other night, and OMFG I think the people around me thought I was insane I was laughing so hard...

Thanks for mentioning me!! I love the idea of giving fruit cakes. I'm glad I'm not the only one that likes them.

I'm no fan of Hitchens, so it gave me perverse pleasure to read about his denuding.

No problem Stefania. And the fruitcake gets no love.

I chucked all night, Thordora. No bus, tho.

Idealogically, Hitch and I aren't close. But, damn, that bitch can write.

Thank you! I heard Katha Pollitt being interviewed on NPR, got distracted by cooking, and then promptly forgot both her name and the name of her book. But now I know! And can acquire it!

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