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stupid cat

Last night, shortly before dinner, we got a call from the vet with Mooch's latest results. The news was fairly dire and we made an appointment for early this morning to see the big fat eeeeeevil cat, say our goodbyes and give him the shot. I spent pretty much the entire night in tears. Stupid cat. They find their way into your life, you know?

Maddy, when I told her why I was crying, she simply said that this meant we could put him in the backyard near Sabian, the cat who died shortly after we moved here. When I explained that I would much rather have him alive and in the house, she just looked at me incredulously.

So we drafted someone to come keep an eye on the kids long enough for us to run out there this morning and send him off.

As it turns out, he's determined to keep us guessing.


By the time we left this morning, he'd plowed through one bowl of food and was yowling for more. So, the Mooch -- who is not out of the woods by any stretch of the imagination -- is still alive. Stupid cat, making me cry all night.

While we were at the vet's, however, we nearly adopted these two:


Mooch's photo negative, above.

And Trout's photo negative, in the box.

If you are in the area and in the market for a kitten, gimme a holler. I know where you can get some cuties.

Updates as they warrant.


The emotional roller coaster sucks, but I'm glad he's giving a good fight. Hope he wins.

Continuing energetic Mooch cheering, see comment on prior post...

(I'm hoping that the no news is good news re: Mooch. Also, if Mooch does depart this mortal coil sooner rather than later, how does that affect your Ultimate Threat, that whoever leaves has to take Mooch?)
The Troutlet is a cutie--good thing we're at maximum capacity for pets.

Scott and I were just talking about the Ultimate Threat, should Moocher kick it. We haven't any good answers on that. We'd need another really irritating pet...

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