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* Women: did you know that your body produces thousands of potentially life saving cells each month and your just blithely disposing of them? Did you also know that there is clearly a marketing opportunity in pretty much everything? The latest piece of weird junk mail I got was for C'elle. You just have to visit the site to get the full impact. Prepare yourself for the jaw-dropping, um, jaw-droppingness of it.

* From the ridiculous to the sublime: chocolate turkeys. How cute are these? And here I thought the penguins were the last word in chocolate cuteness.

* In case the idea of a spa tour seems to decadent, head to the Shack Up Inn, where they put the "beer" in B&B.  (Actually, I love this idea. Not sure I want to stay in one -- but I love the idea. Hat tip to the blogless Stephanie.)

Small Mooch update - I get the feeling the end is nigh. His clever little brain is still in there but his body is just falling apart. Plus, he now smells as eeeeeevil as his personality, which can't be good. Very sad -- but recognize the inevitable. More later, maybe. Hope for the best, I guess -- but that might just be letting him go.


Whoa. I write for a medical college alumni bulletin and we have doctors using a variety of stem cells for their work (even the kind that piss off the pro-lifers). So I know that not all stem cells are created equal. What a way to get a couple of thousand dollars out of those with more money than sense.

Wondering if I can save the $500 and just sue my Diva cup and an ice cube tray?

Poor Mooch. Poor you. :(

C'elle: Oh good lord.
Turkeys: Burdick's! We've been talking about wandering over to Walpole to sample the goodness and maybe this will be enough of a nudge to make it so.
Mooch: I'm so sorry.

And here I've been collecting menstrual blood for free . . .

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