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"The most damaging and persistent delusion we’ve acquired about sleep is that the vital human function is optional. As one psychologist puts it, “You don’t have people walking around figuring out how to get by on less air.”"

From the NYT magazine's cover story on sleep by Jon Mooallem*

FWIW -- as a result of our agreeing to be on DIY's To The Rescue, we were given a new Sleep Number bed. It's a perfectly acceptable bed. Can't say it changed my life but it is just fine.  The only problem is that no one ever tells you how you know when you've found your perfect sleep number. Over the last few years, I have probably changed it four dozen times. When I finally hit it, I expect a choir of angels singing hosannas.

* thanks to Doula K for pointing it out.


I'm so chronically exhausted that I think I could probably sleep for 12 hours bent over a plastic chair in a departure gate at Logan airport.


I have found that as life throws changes at us, (i.e. weight loss/gain, pregnancy, and change in height) our Sleep Number is going to change. One great thing about the bed is that it can easily adapt. However, it sounds like you could use a little extra help in finding your ideal Sleep Number. I would recommend visiting: You can input your specific height, weight and sleeping preferences to obtain what research has found to be a pretty good match for your Sleep Number. Everyone’s preferences are different of course, but it’s a good place to start! After you try out the suggested Sleep Number, I encourage you to visit and take a minute to tell other bed owners about how accurate it was for you!

If you have further questions about finding your Sleep Number or would like to reach me directly, please send an e-mail to [email protected]. I’m a Select Comfort customer service representative and would be happy to help you.

Sleep well,

My Sleep Number is 35

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