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qotd, new year edition

a gift the Diva didn't want

Just when we thought everyone in the house would be nestled safe and warm and, most importantly, sleeping in their beds all night, Maddy kept wandering in complaining that her cheek hurt. Which was odd, given that she didn't seem at all unwell over the past few days.

In fact, here she is with Big Bird a few days ago at the Strong Museum of Play, which is a great place to take the kids, should you be in the area.


Looks perfectly healthy, no?

The Boy, it must be noted, also had a great time. So great, in fact, that I only managed to get one picture of him because he just kept running around.


This morning, she seemed perfectly fine, though she did mention that it was her ear, not her cheek that hurt. Still, that was her only complaint. Turns out, her ear is massively infected, so much so that we were told to keep an eye out for leakage on her pillowcase in the morning. Wee.

I'm grateful that my kids tend not to complain about physical ills. I am. Really. It would just be nice if they would act sick when their heads are about to explode in a shower of goo.

Our new year will kick off with antibiotics. If we are very, very lucky, everyone will be asleep by ten, including the adults. We're wild over here, I tell ya. W-I-L-D.

In other news, since this is the last day of the year, a question: have you picked your word for 2008 yet?


I never know they're sick until I get puked on, so don't feel bad.

Poor thing. I hope she feels better. Happy New Year!

Yeah, Emily usually comes up with the "my throat feels funny" but no other symptoms until she then hurls all over me.

Poor thing! Ear infections are never fun.

Some kids never outgrow the silent symptom thing. It took me at least a year to learn that when my husband says "Ow" (in the same tone of voice in which I might say it, having stubbed a toe) the correct response from me is "What happened and do I need to take you to the ER?" I'm not even kidding.

I like the idea of picking a word for 2008--I'm thinking "action" because it's time for me to rouse myself and find new gainful employment/alternative career path.

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