i got nothin'
it is finished

because I am a joiner

Miss Ann over at Mason-Dixon suggested that we all take a second and capture the View from our Windows. And so here is mine. All I did was grab my camera and spin around in my desk chair.


I wonder how long he was back there. Creepy, no?


From the window itself, complete with crappy college rental apartments and dirty snow.


My desk, left side.


My desk, right side. Complete with Trout's noggin and a be-winged sheep ornament. Because that's how I roll.

Some other links -

-- Sky Lake Lodge, which is about two hours from here, is holding a program on Contemplative Knitting. The inn itself looks lovely and the workshop sounds calming. I'll be deep in the heart of classes then but provide the info as a service to those who have more normal schedules.

-- Ms Karrie is on a cross-country trip and posting gorgeous pixs and stories from the road. I now want to go to Taos, simply because I can not imagine a sky that blue.

-- This just makes me feel all warm inside -- Barrowman and Marsters. Those who aren't complete geeks won't be nearly as excited as I am, which is quite excited indeed.


Ok, I tried to comment but Typepad thinks I am a spammer.

The quality of light here is amazing, and I get the sense that the quality of life is as well.

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