qotd, edison (not NJ) edition
baby blues


as is so often the case, scarier than the article were the comments ... I am secretly glad the Star hasn't enabled comments on its website. Can you imagine?

I know one mom who refers to her daughter (who is in third grade with my daughter) as "her best friend." It's scary.

Judging by the letters that have come in about Cary's column, I can only imagine what the comments would look like.

I've never gotten the "my kids are my best friends" thing. See - I choose my friends based on their ability to blow their own noses and make a decent cup of coffee. My kids are, um, kids. Who need parents. And who have their own friends.


Try being a teacher or principal and having to deal with these kinds of parents. My mom says that she could fill volumes with tales of psychopaths who think their kids are perfect.

I don't know how your mom keeps from biting people on a daily basis.

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