so it goes
a gift the Diva didn't want

my beloved bed

And we are back. Just in time, too, since the weatherfolk are calling for furious storms overnight. It'll be nice to get some fresh snow to cover up all of the dirty, ice, ugly stuff.

More complete details on the morrow, after some sleep and approximately 40 loads of laundry. First, tho, I have seen the face of my destroyer and it is the Red Robin Whiskey River BBQ burger. It's a good thing there isn't a Red Robin anywhere near here. Otherwise, I'd book my angioplasty now.


I feel the same way about Sonic limeades. Very good thing that they do not exist in New England.

Mmm...Sonic Limeades. I lived on these in Knoxville -- and have to stop everytime I visit a town that has a Sonic.

That burger is alarming. Clearly I would have to have it without mayonnaise to have any hope of avoiding an emergency stent procedure. Oh, and thank you *so* much for pointing me to their site so that I could discover that they have a location within a 15-minute drive of my house (off of Anderson & Burnet in Austin). Truly, thank you for ruining me. ;)

There are worse ways to go. And you have to get the mayo. The mayo makes it sublime. besides, there must be an ER somewhere near there.

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