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skating judge?

An internet quiz, stolen from Heidi, offered up in lieu of a real post because I have to deal with finals:

Thank you for taking the Creativity Test. The results show your brain dominance as being:

Left BrainRight Brain

You are more left-brained than right-brained. Your left brain controls the right side of your body.  In addition to being known as left-brained, you are also known as a critical thinker who uses logic and sense to collect information.  You are able to retain this information through the use of numbers, words, and symbols.  You usually only see parts of the "whole" picture, but this is what guides you step-by-step in a logical manner to your conclusion.  Concise words, numerical and written formulas and technological systems are often forms of expression for you.  Some occupations usually held by a left-brained person include a lab scientist, banker, judge, lawyer, mathematician, librarian, and skating judge.

qotd, waiting for students to hand in exams edition

"I asked her in turn what the high point was for writers -- getting great reviews, or a terrific advance, or selling a book to the movies, or seeing somebody reading your book, or what?

She said that she, too, could find happiness in a capsule in outer space, provided that she had a finished, proofread manuscript by her in there, along with somebody from her publishing house.

'I don't undersand,' I said.

'The orgastic moment for me is when I hand a manuscript to my publisher and say, "Here! I'm all through with it. I never want to see it again,"' she said."

-- Bluebeard by Kurt Vonnegut


Also, for any other profs out there who are sick and tired of students texting during class, spend ten bucks and get a Moshi Monster. You can thank me later.

are you *kidding* me?

Just when I thought I might have some time to get something done because I'd have an entire afternoon to myself without a kid underfoot, this happens:


The Diva's school will be dismissing at 12:30. Arg.

I took a quick poll -- OK, I asked the Pie Goddess -- and last year the first snow day was in February. We've had three in the last two weeks.  While this weather is more normal for December, it's screwing up my plans. Feh.

Anyhoo -- when we walked to school this a.m., there was no snow. I just turned around and looked out my office window and everything is all white, much like the above map. Should be an interesting afternoon.

Some quick hits, while I scramble about:

* I totally want to have a playdate with Redneck Mother's kids.

* Huh. So the Germans do have a word for everything: zeitstorer

* The internet is full of stuff -- Bears in Ill-Fitting Hats. For whatever reasons, I can't look at those illustrations without thinking of The Hotel New Hampshire. Stolen from Greg Van Eekhout.

* "Ok, so let's say you just mix all that together--don't be so exact, it isn't science, it's Judaism--and then you add a bunch of oil to a pan and heat it. You take walnut size balls of latke mix and flatten them in the hot oil..." Related - I must make these beans.

* The new cat's favorite spot:


He's a big fan of Cute Overload. Oh, and like all kittens, is batshit insane.* Seriously.

* hat tip to Melanie.

shameless self promotion, plus random bits

For the Baltimore City Paper, a review by yrs trly of Farthing and Ha'Penny.  What's interesting -- to me, at least -- is that this is one of those pieces where I read it after a long absence and wonder why I use so many words. This might be due to spending my days reading student papers since the very end of the term is nigh.

Other stuff:

- Beware of flying peas! I snickered because I can so see this happening in my house, too. I'm kinda surprised it hasn't already.

- Sometimes, knowledge of the process is enough, stolen from Ellen Kushner.

- An essay about "curing" kids with various disorders like autism and ADHD in Brain, Child. I'm trying to understand the motivations behind not offering therapies to kids movement but am failing.

- I can't quite put my finger on what I find so fascinating about the Suitcase Exhibit but I desperately want to get my hands on the cases that haven't been researched yet.

- The Diva is in need of lip balm. I figured it would make a fabulous stocking stuffer. At the grocery yesterday, I grabbed a couple of tubes of fruit, kid-friendly Bonnie Bell Lip Smackers (or some equivalent). As I was standing in line idly reading the packages, I noticed that most of them contained wheat and its derivatives. Feh. Back on the shelf they went* and I spent unfathomable amounts of time reading each and every style, make and flavor to find the ones that were gluten free. I hold this up as yet another example of  finding gluten in unexpected places.

* No, she can't absorb gluten through her skin but most folks end up unintentionally ingesting a healthy amount of lipsticks, balms, etc. This goes double for five-year olds, I suspect. For some, it's a food group.

actual knitting content, mostly

I found this on the Diva's floor yesterday:


I call it "Still life with rubber chickens (impaled) and knitting needles (size 6 Bryspun)." I'm also trying to decide whether or not to be disturbed.

There has, however, been knitting with the needles not jammed in chicken orifices.


Morehouse Merino Artscarf, which could not be simpler and is my TV knitting.


The yummy  wool/silk blend I picked up at Rhinebeck in Grumperina's Shifting Sands pattern. In the blue, it reminds me of waves more than sand.

Also on the camera but unrelated to knitting, me, looking all festive:


ice, ice baby

I had grand plans for the day. The weather had other ideas. And because the Oneonta Schools superintendent is a big fat wussy*, The Diva was home today, messing with my plans. I haven't even had a chance to take some pictures, what with the kid and my classes and life. There was also a hunt for ice melt stuff that was 9 times more complicated than it needed to be -- but that does not make for the best reading.

Instead, read this, which is about how having a kid diagnosed with a disorder leads to other family members realizing that they might have it, too.

Also, over the weekend, Babble's Strollerderby blogged about my kids and death essay.

Now I must hand my computer back over to my child so that she can watch Tiny Planets. Love that Bing. Love that Bong.**

* Not really. With all of the ice, it was amazingly treacherous. Nearly broke my neck just stepping out to get the paper. Now, there's a layer of ice covered with a thin layer of water, which makes it that much more fun.

** Last night, while putting up the tree and attempting to distract the Boy with Boobah because he needs to not put all of his mental might into trying to break all of the ornaments as we unpack and sort them, I realized how much I missed Tiny Planets now that Noggin isn't running them anymore. Lo (and behold), they have a site with video. Love that internet.

science is fun

Random links to round out the week --

I might have to make some Borax snowflakes over the weekend. Do you think a five-year old could handle this? Oh -- and we should probably start doing something about Christmas decorations this weekend as well. We're already seven days behind on ye olde advent calendar.

Note to self: contact LL Bean about the strap that snapped on your favorite bag yesterday, which broke your heart just a little bit because you have had that bag longer than you have known your husband, which is a long time indeed.* I suspect Marrit knows my pain.  

Does anyone have a copy of the Oct 29 edition of The New Yorker kicking around? I'll cover your postage or bake you a cookie or something...**

One of the things I most miss about Austin is overhearing conversations like these.

Another sign of my weird crafty sickness is that I'm seriously pondering whipping up a few of Molly's Star Ornaments just because the cuteness calls to me. The number of stops I'd have to make just to collect the supplies -- I suspect I'd have to drive down to Binghamton for some of them -- is the only thing that stops me.

Like the goldfish who is always delightfully surprised by the castle, I am continuously re-enamored with boogaj's chocolate blog. I have the same relationship with the word "vespertine."

Update on my "pop quiz" student - Now that I've had a chance to flip through the papers that were handed in yesterday, I would like to take a moment to note that she did not turn one in. *le sigh*


* Note to spouse: Happy Pearl Harbor Day!

** Yes, I know I could just order a back issue. Where is the fun in that?