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Look! I finished something!

The Rippling River scarf is done.




Details: one skein Maple Creek Farm 50/50 in sapphire. Shifting Sands pattern from Grumperina. In an ideal world, I would have bought two skeins for  a truly enveloping scarf. As it stands, it works -- but more would be better.

In other knitting news, the beloved gray sweater project has another swatch, which looks enough like the first swatch that I won't even bother showing it to you. The size 1 needles were the winners. Now I just need to save up my penny for a gazillion balls of Peruvian Baby Cashmere. I should also budget in a seeing eye dog for the day that this project with dark gray yarn on wee needles makes me go blind.

In other crafty news, the Featureless Saint rocks. My late Christmas gift is now in the house.


A new kitchen table, purchased unfinished. The Hub did a lovely job, eh? Eventually I'll whip up a runner and a less blue bowl. And, yes, I'm aware that it doesn't really go with the pink walls and gray floor but someday (someday!) we will live in a house that doesn't have a pink kitchen. Alternatively, someday I will lose my mind and rip the pink plastic tiles off of the wall.


You do very pretty work.

Shucks. Thanks.

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