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actual knitting content, gift to be simple

I can only begin to tell you how tickled I am by this:


Yes, it is just a wee red sock. To give you a sense of how wee, that flesh colored blob is my thumb.

To answer some questions I know you have -- No, I don't plan to knit another one. No, I don't know what I'm going to do with it but I'm thinking Christmas ornament. No, there is nothing noteworthy about the construction or the yarn. No, I can't tell you what the yarn is because I don't know myself.

Still, I am tickled because it isn't something I'd ever choose to knit but did because it was a gift for placing an order at The Loopy Ewe, whose goods I'm using for a swap. The wee sock kit was so cunningly packaged that I couldn't resist  casting on, despite the fact that I'm not even that wild about red. It was a brainless two evening project whose results I couldn't be more satisfied with.

I know. This is probably a sign of some kind of mental decline but, still, I am tickled. It is, as the Quakers* say, a gift to be simple.


* This might have been the Amish. Or the Shakers. Or Ben Franklin, who was a Quaker (or Shaker). I get 'em all confused.


It's the Shakers, aka the Shaking Quakers. Not to be confused with the Fighting Quakers of UPenn. You can visit Shaker Village in Canterbury NH just to get up to speed on your early American religions. I think Franklin was a deist. (Philadelphia just had all kinds of Franklin things going on because of his 300th birthday.)

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