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Hancocks of Paducah. They sell by the **half yard**

I order from them pretty regularly and haven't had any bad experiences. Also check out the Michael Miller knit pirates.

Aren't the Internets wonderful?

Aren't the Internets wonderful?

Hey! I just did the quiz on http://www.cadaverforsale.com on behalf of my dead father and learned that I could have gotten $3,210 for him. (You have to have known of my father to appreciate that there actually IS humor in this -- very black humor, but humor nonetheless.)

I think it's out of stock at Hancock's, but try ladybug fabrics:
They only have the pink, though; I want the green!

Ooh, try jcarolinecreative.com--they have it in three different colors, for less $ per yard.

So that you will not have to do it after the fact - $4,155. I'm surprised.

I just placed my order with jcaroline. It was hard to not buy about a bazillion other fabrics from them.

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