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time suck

picture day!

If you can tear yourself away from the hamsters...


Every now and again I'll look at the kids and wonder "how the hell did that happen?" The above picture is one of those times.


Actual unencouraged hugging! That almost never happens. Oh -- and the Boy looooooves Maddy's pink sunglasses. Go figure.


He also loves to stomp around in my tennis shoes.

In case you were wondering where my kids go those great outfits, wonder no more. The short answer is Camellia Cottage* in Middletown, DE. The longer version involves a message board, Knoxville, a fabulous woman named Georgia who owns Camellia Cottage and a big box of fabulous clothes that arrive on your doorstep. It's one of those only in the internet age stories, like the one involving Doula K and my skirt.


* The website seems to be more of a placeholder more than an accurate indication of all of the stuff they have at any given time. Still, I like to link when I can.


Love the colors in his shirt! Cute!

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