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qotd, new year edition

"Sometimes  what appears to be a catastrophe, over time, becomes a strong  foundation from which to live a good life. It's possible to live a good  life even though it isn't an easy life. And I think that's one of the  best kept secrets in America."

-- Dr. Rachel Naomi Remen, stolen from Annie Modesitt's year-end newsletter

Odds and ends: Maddy's ear didn't explode last night, which is a new year's miracle. My big plans for the day include casting on for my Loopy Ewe swap shawl. Can I knit a Kiri by V-day? I love a good challenge. Remind me that I said this when I'm in a panic during the first week of February.

Oh -- and I'm now a blogger over at Strollerderby, where I'll be posting random parenting/kid tidbits as time allows. I'll still be here, of course, posting all of the wacky minutia you've come to know and wonder at.* The Babble gig was an offer that I couldn't refuse and can't wait to dive into, once the kids go back to their respective routines and Get Out Of My House.

*in the why-is-she-telling-us-this sort of wonderment


You can knit a Kiri by Valentine's day, as long as you don't try to do it in mohair. The pattern is very easy to memorize and easy to read so you can tell where you are. I say not in mohair because the mohair obfuscates the pattern and sticks to itself. a) It makes ripping back painful, b) mistakes are hard to see (hmm. could be a plus in disguise), and c) several times I picked up the project only to knit back the way I'd came in an unintended short row. Just save yourself from pain and annoyance and use alpaca or something if you want it to look 'hairy.'

Glad your daughter's ear is okay. And thanks for the NY Times mermaid story link. Nifty article.

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