noon dismissal
many things make a post

another damn snow day

I think I might be about to strangle someone. I don't quite get it. We live in Upstate New York. It snows here. Sometimes, it snows a lot here. We have plows. We have salt. I can very easily get the Diva to school today. Really. It's not that bad. And yet -- snow day.

I will never, ever get anything done ever again. Ever.

Two things are keeping me from completely losing it:

1) The Teeny Project Runway entries are up.

2) The Trunk Monkey.* I will be buying my next automobile from Suburban, where ever they may be.

Let's all hope that there is school tomorrow, otherwise, well, let's just hope, shall we?

* Thanks Doula K.


Remember, breathe in - breathe out. Have a drink.

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