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* The Boy and the Ballpoint Pen: Part 2, the Aftermath.


* Everything's smaller in Texas: Brad Kittel build awesome and tiny houses.

* The Diva has her first loose tooth, which is exciting enough. But now I have to figure out how the Tooth Fairy will visit. I've been trolling Etsy for themed tooth fairy gear but am on the fence. Any suggestions from those who've already sorted this out?

* Oh, joy. Dr. Dobson has a new book coming out about Parenting Girls. A quote:  Most importantly, we will talk about spiritual training at home, and why moral purity must be taught in the preschool years.

* Today is Trish's birthday. Go tell her happy birthday! (And, um, T, you're on the extended gift plan. You might get it before next year. I have all of the pieces, tho, and just need to find the time to assemble them into something useful.)


Dr. Dobson makes me glad that you are raising a girl. Maybe I should have kids.

For the teeth, I did this in just a few hours:

This morning on NPR they were interviewing supporters of the three candidates. One probable McCain supporter said that there was no way she was going to vote for Hilary because her faith tells her that women are subservient to men, and a man should be leading the country. Honestly, are we still in the eleventh century? It would be funny if it weren't so sad.

Thanks for the shout out!

Re: Dobson. I think it's telling that he thinks ISDN is way cool technology.

What NOT to do for the tooth fairy:
1. Not realize child has loose tooth until it falls out. No preplanning.
2. Put child to bed with tooth under pillow.
3. Scrounge the junk boxes in the attic to find a cool container, and come up with a tiny heart shaped tin with a teddy bear on it. Probably from the early 80's. Perfect!
4. Remove tooth from under pillow, replace with tiny tin that now contains some cotton batting and a gold dollar.
5. Wake up to hear child say, "Mommy, why does this tin have your name on the bottom of it?"
6. Realize that the early 80's was when you were obsessed with your father's metal engraver.
7. Make up a good story fast.

Our tooth fairy always brings gold dollars. We don't have a standard of what goes under the pillow, other than that. Sometimes glitter for "fairy dust." Once I pulled petals off some slightly battered silk flowers.

In any case, quizzing my friends...a dollar seems to be about the going rate.

If I yank out a wisdom tooth, might the tooth fairy leave me one of those tiny houses?

I'd build my own, but I'm too busy fretting over my 3 yo's morals.

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