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The bad news: Paul Krugman on poverty. If you can get through this without wanting to kick something, you are a stronger person than I.

The "internets are full of stuff" news:

The amusing news: Dave Grohl and Will Ferrell sing "Leather and Lace." NSFW, natch. If you can get through this without choking with laughter (especially on the line "you're f(&#ing me up, Will," you are a sterner person than I.


I would be so much less happy if Will Ferrell weren't in the world.

OMFG!!! I must send a toxic mold plushie to my sister. I would risk accusations that I'm trying to kill her (with the spirit of toxic mold, natch). Maybe I can tell her it's meant for her to burn in effigy. Oh, wait, smoke may cause anaphylacsis. Hmmm...

Have to agree with Anna. Ferrell is on the list with Regis Philben among others; why are these people popular?

I used to work at a school where 200 out of 264 students qualified for free or reduced lunches (determined by poverty levels). We went to extensive training and workshops on poverty (particularly working with the Ruby Payne book "A Framework for Understanding Poverty"). It was all a very enlightening and disturbing experience. We in the middle class just truly can't understand the skill set and viewpoint of the impoverished without serious effort. The poverty-stricken are generally not just like the better off, but without money. There's a lot of differences that are important to understand (particularly within the scope of education).

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A related item in today's NYT

I used to dislike Will Ferrel. And then I watched Elf. And Anchor Man. And decided that maybe, just maybe, he was capable of greatness, albeit on an infrequent basis.

I had *no* idea that the war on poverty had been so successful. Heartbreaking that we stopped.

1. Random posts like this are my favorite.
2. I want a fat cell!
3. Will Ferrell has a much better singing voice than I do. But he could have used a little more cowbell.
4.Poverty sucks. I have close relatives who are trying to raise little ones with very limited resources. I do what I can, but it is so depressing. And the bit about poor kids who test well having difficulty getting through college? Spot on, says the 35 year-old undergrad.

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