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no pants

I am so sick of the sound of my own voice I can't even begin to tell you. But to tell you I'd have to hear my own voice, which would only add to the sickness of it. So, here, a link about pantsless subway riding via Doula K. Watch the video, then look at the pictures. My favorite bit was this:

"As usual, we got all sorts of different reactions from people. Most laughed and smiled. Some looked around with wild bewilderment. Others tried to ignore us. A few got angry and offended. There was a woman who was standing next to me for 10 stops. She didn’t crack a smile the whole time or give any indication that she even noticed what was happening. Right before her stop, she took out a camera phone and calmly took exactly one picture before exiting the train. Even she couldn’t resist."

I am now going to STFU for a bit.


I don't consider myself completely humorless, but I don't get it. I especially wonder what women get out of it. I guess it's because my last memory of riding the subway in NYC was of a man ejaculating onto a (fully clothed) woman (stranger) in a crowded car.

I missed being here in Boston by a few days, but heard from friends who were in town that the best reactions by far were from tourists. I don't think Boston, especially in January, really = no pants in most people's minds.

I always get a kick out of the people who look scared simply to be riding the (very Yuppie) Red Line on a weekday afternoon, already fearing they'll be shot or mugged or something equally nutty, so can only imagine how this must have pushed many of them over the edge.

I'm about to go ride the bus home. I'll be wearing pants. Mostly because it's really cold out.

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