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A moose fell from a 150-foot cliff in Alaska, just missing state trooper Howard Peterson. Peterson thought the moose might have been lonely, as the area is populated mostly by sheep, but state wildlife biologist Rick Sinnott disagreed. “They occasionally have bad days,” he said of moose, “like the rest of us.”

-- From Harper's Weekly Review, Feb. 19, 2008


I like that you read these magazines for me so I just get the highlights. Between you and the dude (mine), I may be able to give up reading all together. Still, you gotta feel for the moose.

It's been years since I've managed to read the actual print version of Harpers. I just get the weekly email digest, which is oddly hysterical. So, really, you just have the Dude keeping you up to date. :)

And I totally feel for the moose -- and the ranger who suddenly had a moose plummeting past his head.

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