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qotd, dog show edition

"[Poodles are] the most desperate breed there is. They are just a little too bright for the servile role of dogdom. So their loneliness is a little more excruciating, their welcomes more frantic, their desire to please a little more intense. They seem to think that if they could just do everything right, they wouldn't have to be locked up in the silence -- pacing, sleeping, brooding, enduring the swollen bladder. That's what they try to talk about. One day there will appear a super-poodle, one almost as bright as the most stupid alley cat, and he will figure it out. He will suddenly realize that his loneliness is merely a by-product of his being used to ease the loneliness of his Owner. He'll tell the others. He'll leave messages. And some dark night they'll all start chewing throats."

-- John D. MacDonald, Nightmare in Pink. Clearly Travis McGee was a dog lover. Wait. Not lover. What's that other one?

Also - Nightmare didn't hold up as well as one might hope. Ah, well.


The thing I always think about poodles is that they should be terribly embarrassed about having their fur groomed like a topiary.

I realized as I was watching the dog show this week that I have terrible associations with beagles. Neighbors or relatives' neighbors when I was a kid who kept them for hunting dogs. Kept them penned up in dog runs. Noisy, smelly dogs. Pathetic.

The only beagle I knew as an adult was a rescue dog who was only kept as a pet because the owner, a passing acquaintance of mine, felt really sorry for situation she found it in. It was a stupid dog, ruled solely by instinct. Always driven to run after things, never able to find its way back.

I'm sure Uno is a very nice dog, but all I can think when I see him is: noisy, smelly, stupid, pathetic.

I know. I'm prejudiced.

LOL! They should be chewing throats just in retaliation for the grooming.

I think Uno is a cutie -- but my only beagle experience is from Peanuts. And the poodle in the WKC -- did you see the grooming? Oy.

I think Uno's a cutie, too. I had a friend who had 2 beagles and they were adorable loving dogs. But damn they were noisy! I'd probably never own one for that reason alone. (Esp. since my last dog and my current dog didn't/doesn't bark for whatever reason.)

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