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There is good news. And, of course, there is bad news.

First, the good:


After much labeling of skeins and fiddling about, I finished a swatch for the Starmore. It wasn't so bad. Hypnotic, even. In fact, I  hit my gauge on the first shot.


It only took about, oh, four hours. My hope is that once I'm actually knitting in the round and not breaking and adding colors continuously, it should zip right along. Yes, I might be delusional. Pay no attention.

Here's the problem -- since the original yarn for the design is discontinued and one has to work from color conversion charts, most of these yarns are best-guess substitutions. And that green -- the one that just leaps out at you in the middle of the red -- isn't right. Not at all. For comparison's sake, look at that colors here.

Which means that I have to figure out what color would work or if I should just live with it because I'm the only one who'll be fixated on it.

So I'm asking you, dear readers. Am I the only one who twitches at the GREEN in the middle of a harmonious design?


Hmmm. That green is awfully blue in that through-rose stripe, isn't it. I would hit up the Starmore Junkies. If anyone's going to know what color to sub and still make it work, it'll be them.

A good plan. Thanks.

Is there a darker gold you could substitute? Because the other photo you sent us to seemed much more gold than green. Of course, the original could look just like yours if no one bothered with color correction on the photo.

I second Anna's motion about using a darker gold. Or even a yellow-leaning shade in beige/khaki if you can find one that is a bit darker than the light gold.

I may have a lead on a couple of skeins of the yarn the pattern calls for. In which case -- hooray!

If that falls through, I plan to use a darker gold. The nice thing is that this yarn -- Shetland Spindrift -- comes in just about any shade you can imagine. Except for that one that no one can find, which just happens to be the one I need.

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