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good clean family fun, with pictures

Yesterday, we sugared off.

No,  not like that.

Around here, once it starts to look like spring might actually sorta be thinking about maybe starting, hearty souls tap the maple trees. In celebration of the mighty maple syrup (and the possibility that the snow might melt before June), the Farmer's Museum hosts a pancake breakfast and jack-wax extravaganza every Sunday in March.*


Maddy and the jack wax, which is gluten free.


The one-room schoolhouse has lots of stuff to do.


And a lesson or two.


And a nice HOT stove, which was awesome. Even though the day was sunny, it was still really cold and windy. Ah, March.


Sap bucket. Which is also my pet name for Scott.***




Boy and Spouse enjoying said chickens.


Sheep! Who kept giving us looks that made it clear we were crazy for being out in such weather. You can just tell when you're being judged by a sheep, you know.

Finally, the Carousel, which is gorgeous but that the Boy wanted nothing to do with. The Diva could have been on there all day, I think.



*If you're local, the first Sunday, which was yesterday, is the day to go. No lines! Less mud!**

** Mostly because everything is still fucking frozen -- but I'm trying to concentrate on the positive.

*** I kid.


There's nothing quite like maple syrup on snow. Which reminds me, I have to get my father to send maple syrup (he likes being useful like that).

Our big boil is this weekend--yes, really! There is a growing center around the corner from my house that collects sap from trees in Somerville.

We used to tap our own trees on the farm where I grew up, so I'm looking forward to taking Max.

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