scenes from the looooong weekend
paging dr freud

many things make a post

* There are some stories that I really wish that I had gotten to first. This -- which is about the suitcases in a mental hospital's attic -- is one of them. I don't get jealous easily but color me green.

* The Yarn Harlot explains it all for you. It's time to represent, yo.

* Seth Stevenson is back! And writing about the happiest place on Earth. Speaking of, the Diva told Scott the other night that she really wants to go back soon. Scott explained that the trip costs mucho money and is not something we can do every couple of months. The Diva, as it turns out, thought the tickets were free, that Disney was giving all of the joy away as a public service. I find something so touching about that.

* Not touching at all -- there are some stories that make your brain bleed a little.

* I'm tempted to go to the Lowell Quilt Festival. Anyone else?

* I would like my next headshot to look like this:

Only of me, not Julie Andrews. I suspect she has enough headshots.


It sounds as if, should you have gotten to the suitcases first, you'd have produced a more interesting, readable, and sensitive book than the two crusading authors. Sigh. I think I heard about those suitcases in a This American Life segment...

re: Zoltan and his love-bots. Well, it's probably for the best. But it's still squick-inducing.

Quilt fest: sounds like fun! I missed one of the shows that was in....Manchester, I think.

Re: Zoltan. You're right, of course. Squick a'plenty.

I can't remember when I first heard about the suitcases. But by the time I started to poke into the idea, a book was already in the works. I doubt it's the sort of story that the market could support two of. Still, one never knows.

And thanks for the compliment. :)

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