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scenes from the looooong weekend

We're not that into Easter in these parts. I think that has something to do with not doing the whole Jesus thing. Regardless, fun was had.

More importantly, tho, a tooth was lost:


I still can't get over seeing her with the gap. The Tooth Fairy did her thang, leaving a note (typed on the computer) and one brand new dollar bill. Right now, the diva insists that she will never spend it. We'll see.

The Boy decided that these boots were made for walkin'.


Fortunately, he is secure in his masculinity.

Maddy helped me frost some thumbprint cookies. No, that isn't yellow mustard. I was going for a nice pastel. You can see how that worked out.


Given that these cookies weren't gluten free, we took the leftover icing an decorated some GF shortbreads. Yum.

The Boy, however, was just ticked off that he couldn't have a cookie right that very second.


Maddy has today and had Friday off. On Wednesday, she'll have a half day. I swear they don't have school more than they do. Feh. She would like the world to know, however, that she is bored. I have suggested that she vacuum. I'll let you know how that works out.


That looks like so much fun. I want cookies and pink cowboy boots!

Some days are more fun than others. We try to not dwell on those. Note use of word "try."

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