actual knitting content

actual knitting content, but without pictures

I'd intended to take a picture of the socks I just finished. My camera, however, is in the hands of my husband, who isn't here. So, in your imaginations, visualize variagated blue socks knitted toe-up with ribbed tops and slip-sticked heels. The yarn is Koigu, for those who might care. My love for Koigu is great and quiet.

Shortly after finishing the Juno wrap -- thanks for all of the kind words -- I realized that I had a sock on the needle that just needed another few rounds before it was done. So I finished it, just so that it could meet its mate. Get me -- I'm a sock yenta.

Other than that -- I got nothing. Work calls. Laundry calls. I'm going to hear Dana Spiotta at Hartwick tonight. If you're local, you should to.


Apropos of nothing, I came across this and you might enjoy it.

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