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channeling my inner Samuel L. Jackson

actual knitting content, with cat

Please keep the suggestions of knitters coming. I have Ann and Kay and Stephanie on my list. Someone suggest Cheryl Oberle, which is a great idea. Anyone else? There must be more.

Starmore progress:


Yup, I'm just zipping along. It is faster now that I'm past the purl rows -- but faster is totally relative. 

New sock, which is what I work on when the Mary Tudor makes my brain hurt:


It's Lorna's Laces "miata" that has been kicking around the stash.

This will be going in the stash:


Purchased from my LYS. Even tho Noro is scratchy, I can't resist the colors.

And the promised cat. Barney would desperately like to go outside. The squirrels are mocking him.


I don't have the heart to point out that those squirrels would kick his ass in nine different ways. Oh -- and that despite all of the green out there, it is only about 45 degrees outside.

Speaking of Barney, Neil Patrick Harris is interviewed at EW.


Cat Bordhi.

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