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I love the P.O. * The P.O. -- the big evil one in NYC not my little local one where I know all of the clerks by name -- let me down. So now instead of my agent having a set of contracts in her hands, those same contracts are back in my hands, because the letter carrier decided to just deliver them to one of the offices in her building but not the right office in her building. Grrrr. And, alternately, arg.

Off to Office Max I go, since they have a DHL outlet.

This will amuse you while I'm gone. I can't seem to remember that Opus is on Salon on the weekends. This strip is especially amusing.

*I also love Eudora Welty, but this has nothing to do with her.


"We are reviewing the situation to ensure . . . such a random incident does not occur again."

1. If it happens again, does it still qualify as random?
2. How does one plan to avoid a random incident?

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