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We have entered the part of the academic year in which I find it hard to not strangle students. "Yes," I want to tell them, "I totally understand your problem, which is exactly the sort of problem you will laugh about in 15 years because it will seem so trivial. But, yes, I understand. I don't, however, care."

I say nothing because I'd like to remain employed, which is one of the few motivators I have left.

So, some pictures, while I grade more fucking papers, a few of which are late because it is hard to be 20.

The Mary Tudor progress:


Stunning, isn't it? I'll be done any day now, given my lighting-like speed. You don't want to know how long that little bit has taken. Oh -- and for scale -- that big pink thing is my finger.

Another shot:


Finally, proof that Trout and the new cat are getting along quite well, thankyouverymuch.


Maybe a little too well.


Trout reminds me so much of Electra in your pictures of him.

I'm with you on the student-response thing. The weird thing is, I'm not even getting the students into my office. Many need help . . . but none come to get it. More free time for me in office hours, which I can use, but . . . *sigh*.

I think you just channeled my exact thoughts of my semester at the moment. The worst is when you get stuck 20 minutes after class hearing about how their (boyfriend, roommate) made it impossible for them to (make it to the test, study for the test) but how they plan to (move out when the semester is over, break up with the boyfriend) etc. etc. I try and remember what it was like but I'm usually beat and just want to hit the couch.

I can only imagine the excuses. I've heard a few extremely lame ones from tired/busy professors in the past year too. It takes a lot of restraint not to send snippy replies along the lines of "Dear Professor, I was saddened to hear that your apartment was without power on Saturday. In case this happens again, and you find yourself unable to grade the paper I wrote in the wee hours of the morning, in between trips to the toilet while suffering from giardia and caring for a manic 3 yo without any help, might I suggest Starbucks or any number of non-chain coffeehouses that offer both electricity and wireless. Or....gasp....a visit to Snell Library? This is also a good solution to the little problem you had posting the assignment last week. You know. The one that was to be up on Monday and due on Thursday, yet you were unable to get it to go live until Wednesday evening, yet kept Thursday as the deadline? XOXO, Cranky NonTraditional Student"

I thought we as Gen Xers perfected slacking? We have nothing on most 20-somethings and the range of excuses they offer.

Karrie - my feeling is that as long as they get their papers back within 48 hours, they have no right to bitch when they've had the topic for ten days. But I am a little anal retentive about these things and always give a little extra time if I get stuff to them late.

Tim - no one ever comes to my office hours. It makes me very sad. And lonely. BUt I do get to catch up on blog comments. So there's that.

Trish - Electra reminds me of Trout.

Mama - Word.

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