soon we'll start running moonshine
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many things make a post

* Moleskine art, which is amazing.

* My generation: Steadfast and earnest. Sounds about right. Perhaps also with a soupcon of bitterness.

* The Farmers Diner might have to be my next road trip. It also dawns on me that it might be on the way next time we head to Maine. Hrm.

* Real Life Bones. What I love is the detail about the remains being stored with the Christmas ornaments.

* All of the world's knowledge collected on 3x5 cards.

* Scott Miller has an old song (which I can't seem to find online, sadly) with the line about Pee-wee football that goes like "his helmet fit down on his head like a bucket on a pea." That line just jumped into my head this weekend when we had our first grilling of the season. Can't think of why...


EXTREME close up:



I will gladly join you at the Farmer's Diner - just tell me when you want to meet up! :)

The song is called "The 12th man".
Here is a link to the video;

I was looking for the song too and stumbled across your posting...


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