actual knitting content, but without pictures
shameless self-promotion, number 289 in a series


"(b) If publication is delayed beyond the time set forth in Paragraph 16 (a) because of acts or conditions beyond the control of the Publisher or its suppliers or contractors, including (by way of illustration and not by way of limitation) war, shortages of material, strikes, riots, civil commotions, fire or flood, the publication date shall be extended six months following the removal of the cause of the delay."

-- standard book contract boilerplate that amused the heck out of me, cos, seriously, if we're in the middle of a "civil commotion," I'm thinking my book will be one of the last things on my mind.

Off for a bloodletting. Carry on without me.


That is amazingly mild and literate. Probably reflects the people involved. A typical industrial force majeure statement runs to two or three column inches in 3 font.

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