soon we'll start running moonshine

yet another reason why I drink

One of my students, who has been too sick to come to class all week, is featured in a picture in today's paper. She was hula-hooping out in the sun yesterday and having a grand old time. Too sick, indeed.

Oh -- and it's now officially spring! Scott saw his first beer pong table yesterday. Around here, it's not the daffodils and crocuses that clue you in to the changing seasons.


I had never heard of beer pong until we attended a party last year at which much beer pong was played. Including the use of gluten-free beer-like product so that our gluten-allergic host could play. Thinking back to my undergrad years, our drinking games generally required less hand-eye coordination....

I have never heard of beer pong! Either I'm old or it is a yankee thing :)

This is the time of year I want to post a warning to the grandparents of my students as there seems to be a mysterious affliction that causes them to get sick and croak around the end of the semester.

That is precious.

Are you going to call her on it or?

I didn't call her on it because I realized I just didn't care. If she wants to piss her grade away -- I have an attendence policy with severe penalties after your second unexcused absence -- then let her. I'm done mothering 20 year olds.

Beer Pong must be an age thing. I never played it -- we just drank, really, no games needed -- but it seems to be all the rage right now.

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