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many things make a post

easily distracted

Unexpectedly busy weekend.

Some highlights:

The Featureless Saint and I built a very small wall.

Truth be told, the FS did most of the assemble to this point, mostly because he has more patience with making things level than I do. Now I'll take over and weed/plant/beautify.

Heidi, Joe and their kids stopped by for a quick visit. We (well, not the kids) all went to college together and I don't think we'd seen each other for...14? ... years. A good time was had and plans to do it again were bandied about. Hopefully, it won't be another 14 years.

Progress was made on the sweater:

Hand included for scale.

We grilled stuff. I made pie -- and learned once again why I should not try to make pudding from scratch. Rather than a lovely butterscotch pie, we all enjoyed a lovely butterscotch soup with pie crust in it. You win again, pudding. Damn you and your silky yumminess.


Lovely wall! JE and I are contemplating one as well. I'm trying to win him over to the idea of using rough stone.

It was absolutely lovely to see all of you...I'm so glad we made the side trip. Rte 28 was wonderfully hilly, but then I-97 was a parking lot until we got into NJ. *sigh* Your wall turned out nice!

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