in which our hero (me, that is) decides to be a grown up
road trip!

many things make a post

-- My feelings about This American Life run hot and cold. Sometimes, I think it's the greatest radio show ever' sometimes, I think it's too plummy* and pompous to get through. My response have nothing to individual shows. It may have something to do with sunspots or the tides, which is to say that the problem is mine. Still, The Pie Goddess recently gushed over her love for it so I started listening again. Greatest. Show. Ever. Especially this bit (Act 4) with a mom interviewing her 15 year old boy and ruminating on the differences between boys and girls, which I totally relate to.

-- I always wind up just sticking my cable needle in my mouth** when I'm not using it on any given row. This ring thingy has the whiff of genius, however, and is much more sanitary than my current method.

-- Also stolen from the Craftzine blog: Make your own Adipose "Monster" and Thomas Doyle's Mixed Media Sculptures. I dearly want "The Reprisal," but suspect it's way out of my price range. Still.***

-- I feel Redneck Mother's pain. We can't have things either.

-- How gorgeous are these illustrations for Twelve Dancing Princesses?

-- Clue is my most favorite game ever. Now it's more awesome.

-- As if I needed another reason to read Meg Wolitzer's Ten Year Nap, this quote: "I knew it was not fashionable to write in a literary way about mothers and children. Right away, it was as though you were putting a hex sign on the cover of your novel, saying, in essence: Men, Stay Away! Read books by Cormac McCarthy instead! But it galled me that while both men and women would read about the lives of men, only women, it seemed, would read about the lives of women."


* It is too a word. Shut up.

** Many, many times I have tried to teach myself to cable without a cable needles. I've yet to find a method that sticks.

*** Do these remind anyone else of Karen Joy Fowler's Wit's End?


Merely by way of a blog-housekeeping suggestion, Adrienne: your blog software doesn't do anything visual to call out the links you embed - no different color, bold font, underlining, etc. If you underlined or bold-faced the links, they would be easier to see. One man's opinion.

Oh, and I *loved* "The Reprisal".

Actually, the Thomas Doyle sculptures remind me of the movie The Fountain Something about the way a patch of earth seems to be floating in a bubble. Seriously weird movie, btw.

Re: Your links. Not to get all Web geek on your ass, but you are seeing a different color on links where Tim isn't so much, due to cross-platform color rendering differences. You optimized on Mac and the difference between your text and link color is much more subtle on PC. Personally, I prefer using a text decoration as an aid to all our colorblind friends out there. If you are looking for something subtle, uses a nice dotted underline.

Re: cables. I usually just park my cable needle in the thing I'm knitting. Like 10-20 rows down from where I'm working. Is that weird?

Can't stand TAL because of the host's lisp. Who gives a guy with a lisp a job in radio?????

I'm going to game 2 of the Stanley Cup finals! Go Pens!

I used to stick my cable needle further down in my knitting but found that to be an unsatisfying solution.

Part of my problem with TAL is also the way the host speaks -- but I'm getting over it. Sorta.

I had no idea that the flavor of computer made a difference in terms of what you see. And please do get all geek on my ass. And please keep the suggestions coming. I'm looking in to some kind of decorative hickey for links but find straight underlining unappealing.

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