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Since today is kindergarten registration day and Ms Thing has a half-day (yes, another one), a list follows. However, two for tomorrow, which I mention here so that I'll remember them: 1) after I pick up the Diva we are going to go do something that I've needed to do for a few years and 2) last Thursday I chopped off most of my hair, which makes me look a lot like my mom, which I find disturbing on a number of levels. There will be a picture.


Many things:

* If I didn't have kids and cats, I'd totally get a few of these sheep to have around the house. However, given the kids and cats, I can only image what they'd look like after a week.

* I live in Maple Syrup Nation. Now I just need to find some Buckeye Chickens.

* McDonald's odd menu items from around the globe. The green tea milkshake sounds really good.

* John Oliver and Andy Zaltzman have a podcast. Mmmmm.

* Yet another book to add to my ever-growing list: Armageddon in Retrospect, as reviewed by the great Roy Blount, Jr., whose Long Time Leaving: Dispatches from Up South was my first audible.com purchase and great knitting listening.

* Lately, I've been thinking about making a dollhouse. Yes, really. Used to be fascinated by them as a kid. But this is the sort of dollhouse I'd want -- and I bet the Diva would agree.

* Having living in Knoxville, which if it isn't the buckle of the Bible Belt is one of its holes, I spent the whole time I was reading this review of Daniel Radosh's book shaking my head in agreement. Sample quote: "A Christian friend who'd grown up totally sheltered once wrote to me that the first time he heard a Top 40 station he was horrified, and not because of the racy lyrics: "Suddenly, my lifelong suspicions became crystal clear," he wrote. "Christian subculture was nothing but a commercialized rip-off of the mainstream, done with wretched quality and an apocryphal insistence on the sanitization of reality.""

* Two folks who are doing good work and who I sorta know and want to heap praise upon# -- Jessamyn Harris, who I would book to shoot the family if she lived closer, and Teresa Brittain, whose lampworked jewelry I dearly love and wear when life permits.

# because one of the perks of having a navel-gazing blog is that I can do that.


I've having a hard time with Knoxville right now despite the absolutely phenomenally beautiful weather. I just can't seem to get my groove on here at this point in my life. And I'm really sick of Christians.

i wholeheartedly agree about jessamyn, but then again i am biased. every time i see new photos she's done, i'm amazed at how awesome she is. if i ever wrangle her out here for a visit, maybe i'll send her your way ..

I thought Knoxville had a really nice vibe---but I went there directly from Pigeon Forge, and was not in town long enough for the Flying Spaghetti Monster plastered to my bumper to be noticed, so there you go.

Matcha milkshakes were a favorite of mine when I worked near Boston's Chinatown.

Euro McDs always have much cleaner storefronts and lots of interesting menu items.

Parts of Knoxville do have a really nice vibe. The bulk of Knoxville, however, can make you feel like you are a godless heathen who will be judged by every churchgoing mortal you run into -- and you run into a lot of them. I hear you, mama. Just think of the dogwoods and how gorgeous they are.

Emily -- make Jessmyn visit now please. OKTHX.

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