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many things make a post

-- Terri Windling has a new site! And now I have to order another print to go with the one I have. Curse you, art.

-- This story about severed feet and a Canadian island just keeps getting weirder.

-- Cooking with Rockstars cooks with Rhett Miller.

-- Margaret Thatcher teapot. Want.

-- While lmnop is a cute-as-heck online mag, does anyone else wonder when Martha Stewart will call to get her fonts and design back?

-- The Grill Master and the Pie Goddess are native Iowans who go on (in a good way) about the foods of their homeland. Turns out, the state is a great place for gastro-tourism. Anyone know what a "Dutch letter" is? I'm thinking it's not like a "French letter," cos if it is, eeeewwww.

-- Tim's advice for writers is spot on, as is usual.

-- Lastly, an update: My dad works in some capacity* with Honda. He emailed one of his colleagues for a translation of this fan my student gave me. Here's his response:

[It means] “Celebration” or “Congratulation” something like that. We use this word when celebrating something like marriage, birth etc. We pronounce it “KOTOBUKI”

So there you go. Another mystery solved.


* My father has explained to me what he does probably a billion times. For reasons unknown, I can't seem to grasp it fully nor explain it in any meaningful way. Sorry.


guess we don't read the same knit blogs, Norma made dutch letter cookies... http://nownormaknits2.typepad.com/now_norma_knits_2/2007/12/first-run.html

Thanks for the kind words!

The teapot is to die for. Strangely, this is the third reference to M. Thatcher I have had in the past 24 hours....

You know, I spent a large number of my summers in Iowa and then lived in Iowa City for 8 years, and never, in all that time, did I ever hear about Dutch letters. Obviously, this is my loss because they sound delectable, but the contention that you can't live in Iowa for more than 2 months before learning about them? Piffle.

And that teapot makes me so nostalgic for Spitting Image. Fond, fond memories of the sketches where Reagan's brain wandered off and a. was replaced by a walnut and b. eaten by a sheep.

Spitting Image! I'd forgotten about that. Ah, political puppets.

Maggie T gets around. She's like Elvis. Everywhere.

Dutch letters sound divine. I'm a sucker for almond paste, however. I don't usually read Norma -- but might have to start.

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