road trip!
shameless self promotion, 290 in a series

more glass

A few more pixs, mostly because I spent my day either looking at a big tree in my backyard with the tree guy or knitting. Oh -- and if you ever want to fascinate your children, have someone park a big cherry-picker in the backyard. Hours of entertainment.

Does anyone else look at this and think "nice yarn ball?"

I kept waiting for a genie to appear.

I've discovered that I'll love almost any piece that has this shape, perhaps because it so carefully mimics my shape.

The Carder Gallery is in the same building where the make-your-own studio is and not in the museum proper. Like the Tardis, It is a room that is four times larger than it appears from the outside. It is also the room that convinced me of two things: you can never go wrong with grouping things by color and I was born in the wrong era. There's just something about between-the-wars period of art and design that just looks right.

Last, a mosaic, which mere cameras can't capture:



Yes to the ball of yarn thing.

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